Choose Sears Vinyl Siding

When it comes to exterior siding, Sears has been most homeowners' go-to brand for decades. When you consider how great it makes your home look, how easy it is to maintain and how well it fits into any budget, it's no mystery so many people choose vinyl siding from Sears. When you add Sears siding to your home it also adds a layer of insulation to improve your home's energy-efficiency too, and that's great for your wallet!

Choose from an Assortment of Siding Options

Sears offers a wide variety of house siding options so you're guaranteed to find just the look you want for your home. From horizontal to vertical siding, you'll find it at America's favorite home improvement source. We offer several different vinyl siding styles that come in a wide range of colors and are textured to look like wood. Unlike other siding materials that need continuous with a paintbrush in your hand. Even better, house siding from Sears comes with a lifetime transferable limited manufacturer's warranty, so if any chipping or flaking does occur, you won't be the one standing on a ladder to repair it.

Consider the Following Benefits of Choosing Sears Vinyl over Other Siding Materials:

  • Sears vinyl siding holds up to the weather.
  • The added insulation you get with Sears exterior siding may actually lower your energy bill.
  • With house siding from Sears your seasonal "to-do" list gets shorter.
  • Of all the siding types you could choose, Sears siding comes with better warranty and service options.
  • Sears offers several types of vinyl siding that bring form and function together in a way that makes your home feel like new.

Why Spend Your Time and Excess Money on Other Siding Options That Cost More to Install and Maintain?

Sears vinyl siding is affordable both on the front and back end, with financing options available to accommodate even the tightest budget. When you think of how much less it costs with regards to maintenance, installation and your valuable time, it makes no sense to trust anyone else but Sears.

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